I am a Postdoctoral Training Fellow in the Genomics and Evolutionary Dynamics lab at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). I joined the ICR in November 2023 after completing my DPhil in Mathematical Biology, entitled "Investigating the impact of growth arrest mechanisms on tumour growth and responses to combinations of radiotherapy and hyperthermia", at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Helen Byrne and Prof. Philip Maini.

My research interests lie at the interface between mathematics and biology. I work on the development of mechanistic mathematical models that describe carcinogenesis and mathematical and statistical methods for analysing complex cancer data sets. Key aims of my research are to increase our understanding of the biological mechanisms underpinning tumour initial and progression, and sensitivity to treatment.

While my doctoral research focused on the development and analysis of novel mechanistic models of tumour growth, invasion and responses to combinations of radiotherapy and hyperthermia, I am now working on taking a data-driven population genetics approach to studying cancer cell plasticity. 

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contact me at chloe [dot] colson [at] my institution